Why seek out a JCI-accredited hospital

When you choose a health care organization that is JCI accredited, you know you are receiving care from a leading practice organization.

Here are five major reasons to select a JCI-accredited facility. They have all demonstrated:

  • A deep commitment to high-quality care
  • A culture of safety for patients, visitors, and staff
  • A willingness to undergo rigorous preparation and a survey
  • Care delivery based on leading, evidence-based practices
  • Leadership in continuous compliance with exacting standards

Data on JCI-accredited Health Care Organization Performance

Facts tell the story. There are several reasons why JCI accreditation should be sought after by patients across the globe.

"An outpatient antibacterial stewardship intervention during the journey to JCI accreditation," authors Ping Song, Wei Li, and Quan Zhou

"Improving the Performance of Nutrition Screening Through a Series of Quality Improvement Initiatives," authors Lim, Su Lin; Ng, Sow Chun; Lye, Jamie; Loke, Wai Chiong; Ferguson, Maree; Daniels, Lynne


So, when you are researching health care organizations, choose a facility that has achieved the rigors of JCI accreditation and knows how to put quality and patient safety first.