Useful terms

JCI-specific terms


Accreditation: JCI accreditation is considered the gold standard in the health care community. JCI-accredited organizations receive Gold Seal of Approval® recognition as a visible sign of their commitment to quality and patient safety.

Reaccreditation: Health care organizations can maintain continuous compliance through reaccreditation. Once they are accredited, it is important for them to maintain it as part of their organization’s ongoing performance improvement. JCI requires accredited organizations to become reaccredited every three years.

Certification: The Clinical Care Program Certification has been in high demand since its introduction in 2001. Some 50 programs have been certified to date and new disease areas are under review for future certification designation.

Common Medical Abbreviations

CNA certified nurse assistant

COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

DNR do not resuscitate

ECG/EKG electrocardiogram

ED or ER emergency department

EMS emergency medical services

ENT ear, nose, and throat

GI gastrointestinal

GYN gynecology

ICU intensive care unit

MRI magnetic resonance imaging

NCS nerve conduction study

NICU neonatal intensive care unit

NP nurse practitioner

OB obstetrics

OTC over the counter

PA physician assistant

STAT statim (immediately)

URI upper respiratory infection

UTI urinary tract infection

Common Medical Specialties

anesthesia and anesthetics
heart disorders
skin disorders
Emergency Medicine
emergency care
Family Practice
primary care
digestive systems’ disorders
General Surgery
broad spectrum of surgical procedures
Internal Medicine
prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases
disorders of the nervous system
pertaining to the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves
obstetrics and gynecology
cancer and tumors
diseases of the eye
vision care
pertaining to the musculoskeletal system
ear, nose, and throat
blood disease
children’s medicine
foot disorders
respiratory care
imaging to find problems within body
male and female urinary tract and male reproductive medicine

British versus American Medical Language

Term: surgery, (British) doctor’s office visit, (American) an operation

Term: giddy, (British) dizzy, (American) happy

Term: A&E, (British) accident and emergency room, (American) a lifestyle cable television network

Term: bandage, (British) Elastoplast or plaster, (American) Band-Aid

Term: knock up, (British) to wake up a patient, (American) slang term meaning to get pregnant

Term: jab, (British) a flu shot or other inoculation, (American) to poke, punch, or make fun of

British versus American Spelling

British   American
centre center
colour color
labour labor
litre liter
oestrogen estrogen
orthpaedic orthopedic
paediatric pediatric
paralyse paralyze
programme program
travelling traveling

Universal Identification Tag

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