Health profiles by country

Quality health care has many universal characteristics—practices that are common among top hospitals and clinics regardless of the locale or language. To make communication with local health care professionals easier, it helps to become familiar the health care protocols in each country.

  • argentina


    Argentina, also called the Argentine Republic (República Argentina), is in southeastern South America and conjures images of the tango, Patagonia, and the Andes. It is a federal republic inhabiting what is known as the Southern Cone of the continent.

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  • austria


    Austria has a population of approximately 8.5 million. The majority of the population speaks local Bavarian dialects of German as their native language. German in its standard form is the country’s official language. Vienna is the capital.

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  • Azerbaijan


    Azerbaijan, the nation and former Soviet republic, is bounded by the Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains which span Asia and Europe. The capital is Baku and it has a population of approximately 10 million. The official language is Azerbaijani.

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  • bahamas


    Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an island country consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cuba and Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti). Nassau is the capital and English is the official language.

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  • bahrain


    Bahrain is a small island country near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is believed to be the site of the ancient land of the Dilmun civilization. Saudi Arabia is to the west.

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  • bangladesh


    Lush, green, and flowing with rivers, Bangladesh is officially known as the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and is located in South Asia. Bangladesh is bordered on the south by the Bay of Bengal, on the west, north, and east by India, and on the southeast by Burma.

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  • barbados


    Amid calypso rhythms, white sand beaches, and azure blue seas is Barbados, a sovereign island nation located in the North Atlantic among the Lesser Antilles. The island’s area is 167 square miles or 432 square kilometers and sits outside the Atlantic hurricane belt.

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  • belgium


    Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. It has a population of about 11 million.

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  • bermuda


    Bermuda, land of crystal-clear waters, pink sand beaches, and coral reefs, is also called The Bermudas or The Somers Isles. It is located in the North Atlantic, off the coast of the United States and is a British Overseas Territory.

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  • brazil


    Brazil’s population is approximately 198.7 million. It is the largest country in the South America and Latin America region and is the world’s fifth largest country, both by geographical area and population. Brasilia is the capital.

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